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Extensions, loft conversions & structural alterations

If you are planning any structural alterations, whether it’s removing a wall that might be load-bearing, installing bi-fold doors or building a complex extension, you are likely to need a structural engineer. Our structural engineers can provide beam calculations, structural designs, roof calculations, load assessments and more – everything you need to ensure that your project is built safely, on time, on budget and in line with building regulations.

Structural works feasibility assessments

If you are planning substantial or complex structural alterations, a structural feasibility study will help you understand what is and is not possible. Structural feasibility assessments are particularly useful if you are embarking on a project and the architectural designs require significant structural alterations, such as the removal of substantial supporting beams or columns, removal of supporting walls and similar works. Our engineers will produce a structural feasibility report that will include an assessment of the feasibility of the proposed works and the implications of the works on the existing building structure. Architectural drawings will be closely evaluated for structural suitability and feasibility. Details of previous alterations will  also be discussed and evaluated. The report will detail any proposed modifications that are required to fulfil the architectural plans, with accompanying structural designs. Where possible, multiple options will be put forward, with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Our chartered engineers will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have following the assessment.

Specific Structural Surveys

If you have concerns about the structural integrity of your property, our structural engineers can also provide specific defect surveys. We can investigate a specific problem or aspect of a home, such as subsidence and cracking, previous structural alterations and suspected issues with supporting structures.

We often work with homeowners directly, but we are equally experienced at liaising closely with architects and builders. We can provide structural input for anything from a wall removal to a large, complex new build or extension, producing structural designs, marking up architectural drawings and preparing building control submissions.

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